I am obsessed about 1 system in my business. One system that legit is my bread and butter and my favorite process to talk about.


That’s my Potential Client + Client Onboarding Process.


I’m going to show what it looks like in my business then share my favorite ways to use these 3 simple tools to gain 12 hours back a week (no joke).


Here’s my Potential Client Process broken down (using Acuity & Zoom) –

  1. A potential client comes waltzing along and wants to get on a consultation call with me
  2. They either email into my team or click to find a time on my schedule (inside of Acuity)
  3. They find a time
  4. They fill out my Qualifying Questionnaire
  5. They get a confirmation email that their appointment is set and their Zoom link is created
  6. They get an email 24 hours before with the Zoom link
  7. They get an email 1 hour before with the Zoom link
  8. We get on a call!


And guess what – that’s all automated and all happens without my doing a single thing.


Here’s my Client Onboarding Process broken down (using Stripe & Dubsado) –

  1. I take my client information and input their credit card information into Stripe
  2. I input my client information into Dubsado (address, email, etc…)
  3. I start my Dubsado workflow which begins with getting the contract signed
  4. After their contract is signed, an automated email gets sent for them to fill out a questionnaire
  5. Once the questionnaire gets filled out, Chelsea (my Project Manager) gets notified about scheduling our client call.
  6. Chelsea places my call on my calendar and I show up!


Alright, let’s review these 3 simple tools.


Acuity (free or $10/month) – a calendar scheduling tool so people can can decide what day and time works for them.

My favorite things about Acuity:

  • Ability to do an intake form before anyone is able to solidify a time on my calendar
  • Automatically adds the intake form answers for each client into my Gmail event


Zoom (free or $19/month) – a video conferencing tool so you can see your potential clients face to face.

My favorite things about Zoom –

  • Ability to record automatically onto the cloud (not taking up space on your computer)
  • That is connects with Acuity!!


Dubsado ($25/month) – a client management software so you can keep track of all your client information in one place.

My favorite things about Dubsado

  • The ability to create automated workflows
  • Their INCREDIBLE customer service (I’ve gotten 2 free starbucks and constant updates to the software)

There are plenty of other choices when it comes to each of these, but these are MY favorite. Sometimes I suggest them to my clients depending on their needs. However, it’s important I take their particular concerns and preferences into consideration.

*Please note that any links in this post are affiliate links which means that I get a free latte every month from the affiliate income per each software. If you don’t want to give me a free latte every month, you can Google the platforms yourself 🙂