I want to spend hours on my daily social media posts. – said no one ever. Well….maybe social media managers…

But anywho, I’m not one of those people and neither are my clients.

I hated seeing “Post on Facebook” on my daily to-do list. I rebelled and posted 11 times in my first 7 months of business. (not even a joke – you can look at my old Instagram).

So I had to figure out a quick and easy way for me to manage my social media without going koo koo kachoo.

Enter – my quick and easy social editorial calendar.

This bad boy made it really easy for me to get my social over and done with in a jiff.

So now I have 90 days of content that I just rotate every 90 days. I add in my new blog posts and podcasts obviously or even (if I’m feeling spicy) post a spur of the moment inspiration!

I’m going to walk you through how to use my quick and easy social editorial calendar right now! (P.S. – you can download my Google Sheet if you want to follow along right here)

So, first things first, is to choose a primary platform.

At TKG, our primary platform is Instagram. In your Google Spreadsheet, duplicate the social calendar for your social platforms. It doesn’t matter what your primary platform is, but all your posts on other platforms will be based on your primary platform posts.

In the calendar, you can see that there are six columns that need to be filled out:

  1. Topic
  2. Caption
  3. Link
  4. Image
  5. Cred
  6. Hashtags



Topics are generally a very broad area that you can fill in and create a lot of captions or posts for. Mondays for me are podcast days—I post a new Podcast quote, announce my new podcast, maybe even talk about my podcast guest. Try to create two topics per day. You can start with one topic per day if you’d like, but two topics is generally what I suggest. For example, Mondays are podcast days, Tuesdays I do a “Tip Tuesday” and a Q&A, and Wednesdays I highlight an influencer. You can choose your topics, and if you want some help choosing those, you can look at our topic selection template.


Moving on, we look at captions. This is where you’ll spend the most of your time, and it can be a doozy. There is a really speedy way to get through captions. If I have categories for each day of the week, it makes it easier to write my captions. I batch my captions, so I’ll go through and write all of my Monday captions, then all of my Tuesday captions, and so on. If you get stuck writing your captions, draw on things in your life—books you’re reading, or tips you’ve given to clients. The image can come later!



Next, we’ll talk about links, which you’ll fill in with the original links, then you’ll be going into bit.ly so that you can track your social links. It’s very important to know what social is driving your engagement so that will be helpful to realize what social you should be increasing, or what types of blog posts you should be writing.



In the images section, you’ll be deciding if you want to create or curate images. Either way, your images go here. You don’t have to physically put your images in this document, but I will show you how I organize my images.



Next is the credit column. If you are using someone else’s image for your Instagram, you will want to credit that person, so their Instagram handle (@username) will go into this column.



Finally is hashtags. I am not a hashtags person, but I have a great resource for you guys to check out, that I personally have used that has also helped me continue growing. Go to my girl Alex Tooby’s program Hashtag Hero to check out the goods.


And voila!

This is your social calendar. Fill it in with 90 days of content and put it on repeat. This can be done with SmarterQueue – check out another blog post I have that show you all about it.


Here’s a quick recap!

  1. Start with a specific topic and run with it. For example, Mondays are new podcasts. So I will run through all of the Mondays at once, then all of the Tuesdays, then all of the Wednesdays. If you go through each day of the week back to back, you will slow your batching down exponentially. It might feel a little weird, especially if you’re like me and you love chronological order, but I promise you that if you stick to the days and the topics, it will go much more smoothly for you.
  2. Next, you’ll go through and write all of the captions. Write all of one category’s captions at a time—so write all of your new podcast captions, then write all of your tip Tuesday captions. Finish all the columns of one topic at the same time.

  3. Copy your links. Take each of your links, one at a time, and copy them into bit.ly, then paste them into your spreadsheet.

  4. Design your graphics or curate your graphics. For example, I use the same template for my podcast graphics, and I just swap out the photo and the episode number and title, but it’s the exact same template. I do all my podcast images in one shot.

  5. Then you choose your hashtags. I am not the hashtag person, but check out Hashtag Hero for the goods. It’s important to choose twenty or thirty, and use those same hashtags every single time. That will save you a ton of time.

  6. Exercise the two-tab rule. When you’re going through all of these things, you should only have two tabs open at a time—your spreadsheet and one other tab. Most of my quotes come from the books that I am reading. I go through and pull quotes straight from the book, and type in the quote. Technically, the two-tab rule can be a book and your spreadsheet, or your spreadsheet and the podcast you’re listening to. When you’re doing links, you only want the spreadsheet, and bit.ly open. If you have other things on your tabs, like if Facebook is dinging, it will slow down your batching process.

The entire purpose of batching your social media is to get through it quickly and to get it off your plate. That’s the game. You will be creating purposeful content, and you will be doing it in a very intentional way.

Start with topics and work your way down.

*There is an affiliate link in here for SmarterQueue. Basically that means we get a small check for you using our preferred software. So thanks for the latte money!