This lesson is all about creating the perfect space to maximize your focus!

This is so crucial, because your environment is huge when it comes to staying focused and staying on task.

First things first, I go through all five senses when I create my space.

So first, let’s talk about sight. I love to have pretty things around me, and I like to keep my desk very clear. I also wanted a huge desk, because I love having the space to play. If you’re a creative and you hate a clear desk, that’s totally fine—just start with a clean slate, and then pile on the things you want to pile on.

Your lighting is also so important. In my office I have a gorgeous chandelier from Pottery Barn Teen (lol) and I have a salt lamp. At night sometimes, I’ll just keep my salt lamp on with my computer light. Set the mood you want with your desk and lighting.

Sound is next: I love to play music. The Norah Jones Pandora station is my music of choice, but nature sounds can also be super relaxing. I’ve also used Coffitivity, which plays the white noise of a coffee shop.

Up next is smell. I’m a candle FANATIC. If you came to my house, you would think I collected candles. Smell is so important to me. I love having a coffee scented candle to help motivate me and make me feel like I’m in a coffee shop. I also love diffusers—if you’re an essential oils fan, get your diffuser going.

Next is taste. I always have tea and water on hand, those are my two drinks of choice. I also like to keep some fruit or vegan bites around as a little snack!

Finally is touch. This is important to me because I want to be comfortable. A lot of times, I”m in MC Hammer pants with a long sleeve shirt, I have a pillow on my office chair, and I like to have a blanket. Some people might want a fan to stay cool, but I like to stay warm.

Your call to action is to create your sacred space and get pumped to get work done. I love to work because I get to hang out in such a comfortable space. It’s like a party cause all my stuff is so cool!