When it comes to bringing on guests at the beginning of your podcast, here’s what I did –

Start with who you know. The percentage of people who will say yes is very high. And if you don’t know tons of potential interviewers, put it out to different FB Groups. It’s important to have a process for handling those inquiries though. Set up a questionnaire like we will talk about shortly.

Next, move into your connections’ networks. So who you know, and then who they know. A lot of times, people hang out with the same people. So exhaust your network and your network’s network first.

Finally, you’ll move into the influencers of your space and your type of work. Honestly, by this point, you’ll most likely be getting inquiries to be on your show. And you can handle those accordingly.


Y’all know I love Asana so I’m going to share with you the board we use to keep track of all of our guests. 

We start with the full Asana board with 8 columns: GUEST, INITIAL OUTREACH, CONFIRMED, CHELSEA (wrangles guests), REMINDER, RECORDED, FINAL + SHOWNOTES, EPISODE EMAIL. See below for images.

You simply move the TEMPLATE card (which will actually be the guest you’re pursuing) along the route. 

See below to what our TEMPLATE actually includes – 


I also have a tip for you that will make this whole podcasting process very easy: send your podcasts guests a questionnaire to gather information before they’re on your podcast. You can fill out your whole TEMPLATE guest card on there by this. 

Here’s what you should gather from your potential podcast guests –

  • Name
  • Business Name (if applicable)
  • Business URL (if applicable)
  • Phone Number (if applicable)
  • Email Address
  • Skype Name (if you’re using Skype)
  • Mailing Address (if you plan to send podcast guest gifts)
  • Specific Questions Relating To Your Show
  • Outline Questions You’ll Ask Them (if applicable)
  • Bio (include certain word count)
  • Headshot
  • Social Media Links
  • Media Release (if applicable)

There are different softwares for creating your questionnaire: Typeform, Google Forms, Paper Form, and Survey Monkey are some that I recommend. Most of these offer free options, but most of them don’t allow you to upload unless you pay for it, so keep this in mind!

If you use Acuity for your podcast guest scheduling, you can add this questionnaire as an intake form before they choose a time.

Once your guests’ podcast is live, be sure to send them an email with all the links and information that they need to share it on their social platforms.

Your call to action is to get organized, make your questionnaire, and start booking people for your podcast!