Episode 006: Katiee Tyner – Following the Lunar Calendar

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Today, I’m discussing the lunar calendar and its effect on business. My guest is Katiee Tyner from Moon Body Soul, an all-natural bath company based on self-love and self-care.


She and I discuss how following the cycle of the moon can help you create a more organized, stable, and successful business.  If you’re a visual learner and want to see how to incorporate this system for yourself, grab your Action Sheet for this episode!



  • (1:40) Introducing Katiee and the Moon Body Soul philosophy
  • (3:00) Katiee’s disorganized past and learning about the lunar cycle
  • (5:15) Using the new moon to set an intention
  • (9:00) The lunar cycle
  • (10:38) Understanding Mercury in Retrograde
  • (12:00) Katiee’s recommendations for tracking the moon
  • (13:30) Astrology: viewing the bigger picture
  • (15:05) Katiee’s best financial investment
  • (16:30) Typos and bad ingredients: Katiee’s worst financial investments



“Care for yourself first so you can care for other people more fully”- Katiee  “Astrology is a beautiful way to describe the energy of the collective consciousness” – Katiee





My passion for self-care started almost 10 years ago after having struggled with stress & anxiety my whole life, witnessing first hand what it can do to your body.

I have experienced stomach ulcers, panic attacks, hives, hair loss & even early onset singles all due to stress. I finally sought professional treatment in college where I tried medication, therapy, meditation & yoga. By a landslide, meditation & yoga were the most effective & life changing. I started teaching yoga & was overwhelmed at the number of people with stories just like mine. All of which were able to change their life just by taking the time to check in with their minds & bodies. I believe when you can bring that same mindset into the bathtub, it is even more powerful & healing!

I was on a journey to find bath products that were truly all natural, and what I found was there were very few out there! I have researched hundreds of ingredients to find the best stuff on earth & looked to my Mom who to help me handcraft each product. With my professional background in Marketing & Brand Management, I couldn’t wait to be working on my own passion project. I launched Moon Body Soul in May of 2016.

My goal is to be 100% transparent about my products & their ingredients, be an inspiration & a reminded to slow down, check in, and make it a priority to care for their bodies. I want to spread the message that self-care ritual is anything but selfish.



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