Where do you need to focus to have...

More money?
More pina coladas?
More speaking events?
More expansion?
More time with your kids?
More innovation?
More vacations?
More consistency?
More sleep?
More visibility?
More flow?
More opportunities?
More spa days?
More influence?
More ease?
More freedom?
More love?
More connection?
More writing?

As an entrepreneur, you want to grow.


But these growing pains are killing your business because you don’t have the proper support.


Are you ever going to be able to spend time connecting with clients or always be stuck in the minutiae?

How can I get my business to work, but without me?
How can I get my people to work, but without my constant interference?

— Michael Gerber, E-Myth

Your business has become

complex and unpredictable.

Which in turn delivers a complex and unpredictable experience to your clients and customers.

Starbucks & Ritz Carlton.

They both have something in common besides being amazing.

They are consistent.

You KNOW what to expect.

Do your customers and clients know what they are going to get every time they work with you?

Probably not.

J & C

And it can be difficult to achieve that kind of business if you are team dependent.
What does that mean?

Team dependent means if someone leaves your team or decides to no longer work for you, you’re screwed.

You’re screwed because you have no idea what they do and how they did it, thus leaving you in a whirlwind of chaos. And that’s the kind of problems we love to solve.


J & C Help

Business owners who lead a team; however, If one of them leaves, you’re SOL. If they stay, you end up having to remind them 15 times what to do.

You work at a fast pace and love to make quantum leaps in your business. You thrive on momentum and spending time with your clients.

You are talented, hardworking and committed to make a positive impact. We’re here to make that happen.




Business Love Language:Efficiency

What She’s a Boss at:Organizing everything!

Strengths Finder:Focus, Discipline, Responsibility, Futuristic, Maximizer


Human Design:Projector

Favorite Place She's Traveled:Barcelona or Lisbon

Her Alter Ego:Olivia Pope, “Consider it handled.”



Business Love Language:Flexibility / Empathy / Communication

What She’s a Boss at:Creativity / Strategy

Strengths Finder:Woo, Empathy, Context, Positivity, and Individualization


Human Design:Generator

Favorite Place She's Traveled:Greece

Her Alter Ego:When I'm hangry, Chester always comes to say hello. But any other day I'd say Emma Stone

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